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Time Squared

Helping freelancers and contractors get paid for their time

Our mission is to make time tracking and time sheets a non issue.

Something you’ll never need to worry or think about. It’s happening automatically, so flawlessly that you know you’ll be paid for every minute of time you spend working.

Your client or employer won’t need to hound you for your timesheet either.

There won’t be a time when you need to scramble to fill out your timecard before the end of the month or week. It’ll all be there, already submitted and accessible to payroll.


There are many tools out there but non seem to have made major improvements. It seems like they are only looking at what has been done till now and doing an incremental improvement on top of that.

We’ve taken a fresh look at time tracking and submission of timesheets. The biggest issues have been:

  • Remembering or forgetting to clock in or out
  • Submitting your timesheet on time for payroll

By collaborating closely with our customers and bringing our technical experience, we aim to solve these issues. Providing a simple, smart solution that makes life easy.

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