Frequently Asked Questions

What does Time Squared do?

Time Squared allows you to track your working time and create timesheets.

We have mobile apps, a web based application and desktop widget. These apps help you track your time. Once a time block has been recording for any project or client, we automatically create a live timesheet for that client & project.

How do I create timesheets?

Once you’ve logged a time on the app, a timesheet will automatically be created for the client and project pair.

This timesheet can be shared with others, by simply giving the url to them.

Every time you record a new time entry with the same project and client, it’ll automatically be added to the same timesheet.

How do I update my timesheets or add new data to it?

Every time you record a new time entry with the same project and client, it’ll automatically be added to the same timesheet.

Anyone who has access to that timesheet (through the url) will automatically see the new information updated on it.

Can I share my timesheet on phone or desktop?

The time sheets are designed to be ‘responsive’ to the device their viewed on. As such you can view them on mobile devices and desktops. The layout will automatically adjusted to match each screen size.

How do I share timesheets?

Simply text or email the shareable link (or url) of your timesheet. Your client/employer can then open that link on their phone or computer and see an up to date record of your times.

Your Account

How do I create an account?

You can create an account with your email from inside the app. Simply navigate to the ‘account’ section in the side bar, then select ‘sign up’.

How much does it cost?

The current version of timesheet squared (Time Squared) is free.

Later versions may provide team and enterprise versions that require a monthly subscription.

How I restore my data?

If you’ve already created an account using your email, then simply go to ‘account’ from the side menu, then select ‘sign in’. Once you’ve signed in all of your data will be downloaded from our server.

If you never created an account; The app automatically restores data from the previous versions of the app on your device.

  1. After re-installing the app, open it once, don’t record any times.
  2. Force close the app
  3. Re-open the app.

Once the app fully loads you should see your restored data.

If the steps above didn’t work for you, please contact support (¬†for help.

Is my data backed up somewhere or somehow?

Your data is:

  1. automatically saved to your device
  2. when you have an active internet connection, synced to our servers (the cloud)

We use Google Firebase to run our data server. This means that your data is kept in the same reliable and secure servers that you use for your gmail or search.

For more information on what data is stored, review our privacy policy.